The Perfect Downtown Day | Spring 2018

The Perfect Downtown Day | Spring 2018

It's almost summer. You've got some friends in town. They insist on going downtown because, you know, Seattle. But you have to give them credit. Downtown Seattle is amazing--walkable, compact, and stunning. Who gets tired of those tree lined streets?

Now let's imagine you are interested in paying $46 for parking (clearly this scenario is completely made up). You have mentally committed to downtown, rode the lightrail in, and there will be no leaving the parameters of Cherry and Olive. You're in it. But now you need a little help.

That's where I come in. Here is my perfect downtown day--with lots of foot resting time in between.


Brunch @ Mr. West

So maybe you go to visit their bar. But you stay for their avocado toast. Or maybe their almond butter toast with strawberry-rhubarb compote. And they have oat milk so !!! But really, this place is best for brunch and you will not be disappointed starting out your day here.


Coffee @ Anchorhead

I love this spot because you’re in the ground floor of an office building, which means you’re actually experiencing Seattle with the people who live their every day lives there. It just feels a little like home. Plus, excellent coffee. And oat milk.


Wander @ Pike Place Market

The gem of Seattle. While packed with tourists, it is still one of the most incredible parts of the city. The market is a fully function farmer’s market, fish market, and flower market, meaning the liveliness is truly benefitting our city. Now it is important that your wandering has some direction. In your time at the market, please make sure you visit several things. And by visit, I mean eat. Oh, and you haven't been to the market until you've been handed a dry chocolate pasta sample and a slice of pear, so make that a priority.

Honorable Mentions:

Ellenos Yogurt
Beecher's Handmade Cheese
Piroshky Piroshky
Gum Wall
Fish Toss
La Panier
Rachel's Ginger Beer
Indi Chocolate
Honest Biscuits
The Crumpet Shop
Original Starbucks
Daily Dozen Donut


Rest Your Feet @ Storyville Coffee

Hidden in the rafters of Pike Place, this large and cozy shop is perfect for taking a break during your day around town–if you can find parking. The view of Elliot Bay, the ferry boats, and the bustling market make you feel like you’re watching time slow down. Not to mention their house made coconut cashew milk that is to die for and the fact that they give out free slices of chocolate cake. Like who do they think they are???


Shopping Small Businesses @ Pike

We love our small businesses. Here are some ideas, but I'd say peek into as many shops as you can find.

Pike Street Press
Carrot Flower Company
Watson Kennedy
Metzker's Maps


Dinner @ ______________

This depends on how you're feeling. Hoping for some of fanciest and most loved italian food Seattle has to offer (and the wait that goes with it)? The Pink Door is your winner. And it's hidden in Post Alley (where the gum wall is, just under the market), which makes it all the more fun.

But maybe fancy italian isn't your vibe. Maybe you're feeling some guac and mahi tacos. Sound like a winner? Then you're headed straight to Chavez.

And finally, if none of that is sitting right, head straight to Beecher's Cheese and grab some mac and cheese. Guaranteed crowd pleaser. 


Watch the Sunset @ the Balcony of Pike's MarketFront

One of the best views of the water, this is the perfect place to end the night. Maybe grab a beer at Old Stove Brewery? Or drinks and dessert at Heartwood Provisions just up the street. I don't know. But you've done it. You've had the best day in downtown. Now you have to convince your friends that they shouldn't move to Seattle. Good luck.