Master List | Downtown

Master List | Downtown

MR. WEST brunch
So maybe you go to visit their bar. But you stay for their avocado toast. Or maybe their almond butter toast with strawberry-rhubarb compote. And they have oat milk so !!! 

I love this spot because you’re in the ground floor of an office building, which means you’re actually experiencing Seattle with the people who live their every day lives there. It just feels a little like home. Plus, excellent coffee. And oat milk.

A small, family-owned company that exploded quickly after hitting the market, it is no surprise that even Whole Foods is getting on this yogurt train. This authentic Greek yogurt will floor you with its rich taste and unique flavors. Best enjoyed in a “walk-around” size at its flagship location in Pike Place Market, while wandering through the flowers.

STORYVILLE COFFEE coffee (+ a view)
Hidden in the rafters of Pike Place, this large and cozy shop is perfect for taking a break during your day around town–if you can find parking. The view of Elliot Bay, the ferry boats, and the bustling market make you feel like you’re watching time slow down.

BEECHER’S HANDMADE CHEESE cafe + cheese maker
They call their macaroni and cheese the best in the world. That is not a claim that should be thrown around lightly, and these friends do not. If you aren’t so sure, pop in to their Pike Place shop and take a gander at one of their in-house cheese samples.

One of my favorite places to visit in Seattle because of how unique her recipes are. Rachel is a kick-butt entrepreneur who has invented these incredible flavors that will electrify your tongue. Plus, cocktails--duh. 

I do not know what it is, but biscuits have some kind of power over me. These ones have that well cooked crust and soft, buttery insides--and you can have apple butter. My only complaint? They have a sparse jam selection. The view of the Puget Sound makes up for it.

Lowkey obsessed with the yukon potato, rosemary, and romano pizza. And by lowkey, I mean I swallow it whole.

LOLA brunch
You know that one time, years ago, you had those crispy potatoes that have been crushed then fried again? With the perfect amount of salt? Well you can find those long lost potatoes again at Lola’s, which means you need to get there ASAP.

LA PANIER french bakery
Your mouth will start watering as soon as you walk by. The wafting smell of butter will pull you right inside, to the safe land of palmiers and croissants. 

Okay, yes. A chocolate maker. BUT, they are making some pretty incredible coffee. Plus, just outside the doors is a view of the waterfront. Coffee, and a view--sold. 

The gem of Seattle. While packed with tourists, it is still one of the most incredible parts of the city. The market is a fully function farmer’s market, fish market, and flower market, meaning the liveliness is truly benefitting our city. Grab a massive bunch of flowers, sample all the fruit, and make sure to try the chocolate pasta when they shove it in your face. And please, make sure you visit every restaurant and stall both inside and outside. It’s perfect.

Exactly what it sounds like, but also way more fun. This location has specialty brands, events, and partners that are unique to this location (like a flower shop). PLUS, if you don't find anything you love, there is a giant Nordstrom Rack right next door.