Capitol Hill Guide

Capitol Hill Guide

I am freaking out that you are excited about The Seattle Table’s Guide to Capitol Hill. You guys! My desire for this guide is that it makes it easier for you to love others well, for you to love Seattle more, and for you to enjoy some really-freaking-good food. Because let’s be real, who has time for anything else?

In order to tell you about The Seattle Table, I need to tell you about myself. Hi! I’m Mads. I decided that I was going to make a life out of loving people—committing myself to making them feel known and cared for. And if we’re being honest, at the breakneck speed we’re all moving at, that mostly means feeding them.

I moved back to Seattle at the end of last year, and as I was building relationships and settling in to my new life here, I was always scouring yelp to find places that I could spend a few hours with friends or alone. After finding a group of friends who love food as much as I do, we set out and started exploring the food scene of Seattle. It motivated me to see corners of my city that I have never explored, to build relationships with people I would have never met, and to push myself out of my natural tendency to just keep going back to where I love (ahem, Oddfellows). But most of all, I saw it as an opportunity to be hospitable to all the Seattle transplants (and locals) who are looking to make a home & have some good conversation, all around a Seattle table. From that was born The Seattle Table.

So here's the deal: I created a physical guide that can be downloaded as PDF onto your phone or computer to be carried around! It's perfect to send to friends. My recommendation is to download it as an e-book onto your phone so you will always have it. Linked to that PDF is an offline google map that will allow you to find all the places I love while on the run. Because let's be real, who has time (or capacity) to research coffee shops before you have your coffee? Yeah, I don't think so.

The Seattle Table's Guide to Capitol Hill

downloadable guide + offline map

If you love it? Share it with friends! Be hospitable to those who call this city home and those who don't. Let's try to warm up that Seattle freeze. 

Enjoy, friends!


ps. If you'd prefer to have it emailed to you directly, go ahead and let me know by subscribing (no spam, promise) & I'll send it right on over! You can do that here.