Where to Find Coffee in the U District | Spring 2018

Where to Find Coffee in the U District | Spring 2018

If you're near a university, you know coffee is not far away.

My recommendation is simple. Grab a hot cup of coffee and walk straight to Suzzalo Library. Walk up the marble staircase on your right and go into the room at the top of the stairs. Imagine you are Harry Potter. Or maybe C.S. Lewis. Once your heart is content, wander through the cherry blossoms just outside and gaze down the quad at Mt. Rainier. Then try and remember why you ever went to any school but UW. 

I'm convinced this is the best roaster in the whole city. They are unassuming, and their coffee? Ridiculously smooth. Warning: parking is a bear. 

Oh this little shop, it's just so sweet. Tucked right on top of the 55th, it sometimes feels like walking home. No overcrowding, no snobby baristas, just good coffee and a tiny little shop.

A perfect shop for getting some work done. Also for an amazing oatly cappuccino (which, you know, is my weakness). 

Black as tar, but on those freezing cold winter mornings you just want to live in a blanket, that dark coffee with cream hits the spot. What is it about coffee and cream that just feels like a hug?

This is the dark, classic Seattle coffee that you remember from your trip here in 2001. While it's not my favorite coffee in Seattle, something about this shop feels like home. First of all, 6 hours of free wifi. If that doesn't scream "shut up, get in here, and get cozy," I don't know what does.